• We want to create a community for all to enjoy! And a new element to the equestrian world, accessible to all...

    Hobby Horsing should be a British sport and as accepted and recognised as picking up and playing with a football..Help us in our mission by coming along to our amazing events

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  • We have came together to create this club for all children to be able to enjoy competing on there Hobby horse!

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Joanna and Rosie, Mother and Daughter duo:

Have come together to create a club for all children to be able to enjoy competing on their Hobby Horse. Hobby Horsing, a crossover gymnastic sport, inclusive to all, warrants recognition in the UK.

You do not need to be a member of the club to take part in the shows. The membership (Open from May) will give members special benefits and offers for events with our company and fellow hobby horse companies within the UK to help build this new community. Please fill out the membership enquiry form on our website to be informed of membership details in the next few weeks.

Living on Teesside, Jo and Rosie witnessed children at local livery yards, parks and play areas playing and enjoying their hobby horses and really felt passionate about getting further children involved.

With Hobby Horsing having a huge following in Europe, it is now going from strength to strength here in the UK. It’s very much accepted in Europe as a gymnastic sport and often, children will be seen practising in parks and public areas. Consequently, Joanna noticed a lack of events for children and adults catering for this ever-growing hobby and with it, a community for all to enjoy.

Joanna feels very passionately about Hobby Horsing been recognised as a sport in the UK, as with many other parts of Europe, particularly Scandinavia.

The equestrian world really needs an element that makes it inclusive and accessible to all, regardless of previous equestrian experience, background, colour, or creed.

Feedback From Our Customers

Hobby Horsing is more than just a hobby for my daughter! Its her sport…
For her to be able to come to competitions and be rewarded for the hours of training she puts in has just been so rewarding for her.. We are really looking forward to attending the first British Hobby Horse Of The Year at Arena UK and we are all on board in helping Joanna and the team with there mission to bring Hobby Horsing to the UK

Becky & Ava


Both my Son and Daughter have now got something they can look forward to on a regular basis. Harry didn’t really ever take to football , or any other sport. However watching Emma his sister with her Hobby horses and joining in has now given him a passion for it! So i now have two Hobby Horse Crazy children and its just so amazing to see the way they create and play with the hobby horses! And now  with the British Hobby Horse Competition Club they can compete and are able to win some beautiful prizes.

So we are super happy about the competitions that have started in the North East, and we are really proud to be helping put the North East on the map for this!! Fab Job Jo & the Team And Mini Magic that the children just look forward to seeing so much at each show.

Claire, Paul, Harry and Emma


Hobby horsing has changed my daughters life! Its given her new found confidence and she has made lots of new friends at the shows! She is autistic and has always struggled with making friends and with her confidence. Seeing other children enjoying the competitions and riding there hobby horses gave her the confidence to chat and open up and make new friends! This is a side of Sadie that’s been very over whelming & emotional for us all to watch come out, we cant thank Joanna and the team enough for everything they have done for us and everybody else involved in bringing Hobby Horsing to the UK…





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